DMV INF70 Instructions

To release yourself from liabilty in California for a vehicle you have had an interest in you must file a Release of Liability with the California Department of Motor Vehicles within 5 days of the sell or the gifting of the said vehicle.

Four of the most common ways people file their Release of Liability are

  • Online
  • In Person at the DMV with a clerk
  • In Person at the DMV drop box
  • By mail

We recommend filing your Release of Liability by using either of the first two options above as they provide an instant receipt with your date of filing. You should store your receipt in a convenient place where you can access it readily for any future problems that may arise. We do not recommend options 3 and 4 because you do not get a receipt to prove your timely filing of the Release of Liability. If you filed your Release of Liability using either methods 3 or 4 your only way to show proof you filed timely is to order a certified copy of your Release of Liability.

To order a copy of a Release of Liability you must use California Department of Motor Vehicles form # INF70. Use must fill out all sections except section B and mail to to the California DMV in Sacramento along with your check or money order for $20.00. The normal response time is 3 to 6 weeks.

***Important*** When sending in your INF70 that you check the box for CERTFIED, there is no additional cost for certification. It is equally import that you enter the following text in the description section "Need certified copy of Release of Liability with date of microfilm for a law enforcement impound."

Click here to go to the DMV INF70 form website.

To see an example of how to fill out the INF70 Click Here.