Code of Values

The Comapnies potential is driven by our companies empoyees and their imagination. To succeed we follow the follwing guidelines :-

Building INTEGRITY through Accountability

  • Following through on promises and keeping commitments
  • Applying a higher standard of comfort in pursuit of the Company's long term objectives

Focussing on BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS that "Move the Needle"

  • Priorotizing activities that maximize shareholders return
  • Constantly seeking unique solutions or applying existing ones uniquely

Arriving at solutions through COLLABORATION

  • Recognizing individual success comes only from team success.
  • Avoiding 'artificial' barriers to success that come from decision making through silos or hierarchies.

Maintaining a healthy RESPECT for our key stakeholders

  • Acknowledging and valuing individual differences and contributions
  • Not compromising the integrity of employees or the dignity of customers is the name of profit

Promoting FAIRNESS

  • Understanding that balanced decision making takes into account competing priorities and common sense.
  • Providing direct and honest communication to improve individual and company performance